African Dream Academy

Empowering African Children Through Education


Administrative Staff

Alice Reeves, BRE (Bachelor in Religious Studies), M.Ed; former elementary teacher in Grand Rapids, MI; ADA Principal

Mrs. Patience Warner, C, B, AA ADA Assistant Vice Principal

James P. Sandy, B.A. Sociology; ADA Assitant Academic Director/Instruction

Rev. Stephen Woanyean, BCS, AA/French, BA Sociology and public Administration; ADA Assistant Director/Student Affairs

Ms. Lawuo Subah, BSC, Accounting; ADA Business Manager and Registrar

Abraham S. Kamara, B certificate, University of Liberia; Specialist diplomas from the Liberian Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the London Institute of Certified Accountants; former employee of the Firestone Company in Liberia; ADA Accountant and Bookkeeper

Teaching Staff(in Grade Order)

Ms. Jacquellyn Caryahaway, HS, C certificate, BA candidate; Nursery Teacher

Ms. Nairobi Scott, HS certificate; Nursery Teacher

Mrs. Tripena B. Sieh, HS, C certificate; Nursery Teacher

Ms. Amelia T. Warner, C certificate; Nursery Teacher

Mr. Kerbeh T. Bennie, BSC, Management; K1 Teacher

Ms. Delores B. Bobway, C certificate; K-1 Teacher

Mrs. Antonette R. P. Dahn, C certificate; K2 Teacher

Mrs. Garmai W.S. Dorbor, BSC, Management; K2 Teacher

Ms. Fatu Gay, C certificate; K-1 Teacher

Mrs. Tenneh Rasammy, C certificate, Education; K2 Teacher

Mr. Quincy A. Cephas, AA, Education; Intervention Class Teacher

Mrs. Joyce Dupley, AA, Education; Intervention Class Teacher

Mrs. Debra S. Benson, C certificate, Education; BSC candidate; Grade 1A Teacher

Ms. Julia T. Robertson, BSC candidate; Grade 1B Teacher; Grades 1-3 Social Studies Teacher

Mr. Austin S. Brown, AA, BSC candidate; Grade 5 Teacher, Grades 4-6 Math and Science Teacher

Mrs. Martha Dewillie, C certificate, Education; Grades 1-6 Culture

Mr. Anthony Sekpeh, Diploma from the Ghana Computer Institute in hardware, network design, and Certification in Microsoft products; Grades 1-6 Computer Teacher

Mr. Reuben Crusoe, BSC candidate; Grades 1-6 Karate Teacher

Mr. Wellington B. McGill, C certificate, Education; All Grades Physical Education Teacher, Coach

Mr. Emmanuel D. Kpandakwa, HS, B certificate; Grades 4-6 Reading Skills and Spelling Teacher

Mrs. Conelia C. Fahnbulleh, HS, C certificate, Education; K1 Teacher

Jerimi Williams, HS, Kindergarten Teacher, Music

Thomas Wokpeh, C, Intervention Teacher, Special Education

Christine Grimes, BA, First Grade Teacher

Rev. Stephen Woanyean, BA, French Teacher

James Sandy, BA, Social Sciences, Geography Teacher

KEY to Degrees and Certificates:
AA = Associate of Arts
B = Government Minimal Requirement to teach high school
C = Government minimal requirement to teach elementary school
BA = Bachelor of Arts
BSC = Bachelor of Science

Support Staff

Mr. John Gongar, Custodian

Mr. Emmanuel Enders, HS; Maintenance

Mr. Abraham N. Sannie, HS; Maintenance

Mr. Harrison Mahn, HS certificate; Security

Ms. Awee Subah, HS certificate; Head Cook and Dietician

Ms. Comfort Lahai, Cook

Ms. Madia Peters, HS; Cook and Dietician

Ms. Anna Smith, HS certificate; Cook

Beatrice Boyce, HS, Cook/Dietician

ADA Liberian Advisory Board

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