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The African Dream Camp

Beginning officially in 2005, The African Dream Camp (formerly known as Vacation Bible School (VBS)), provided counseling to 6,000 Liberian boys and girls (five years of age and up) yearly to encourage each child to reach for his or her dreams and to provide the life skills necessary to do so. The African Dream Camp aims to create experiences that provide emotional, intellectual, and spiritual support of each child's aspirations through activities such as educational games, songs, art projects and talks by trained volunteers who serve as role models for camp participants. Tracing its roots to 1998, when Sam Enders first ministered in Liberia, African Dream Camp and its predecessor has reached 70,000 children in 12 individual communities spread across several Liberian counties.

Typically four days in length and reaching hundreds of students, each of the Dream Camps by design serves a very different purpose than the ADA School opened in September 2012. Providing focused counseling outside of the classroom, The African Dream Camps inspire the aspirations of a far greater number of youth across a wider geographic area and age group. The ADA School has temporarily suspended its operation of The African Dream Camp in order to establish and fund its operation of the ADA School.

African Dream Camps are administered based on the following deeply held beliefs:

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